Salman Taseer Death News [Governor of Punjab Pakistan]

The Governer Of PANJAB is died by firing. Salman Taseer was fired by his own guard. Governer was stopped while sitting in a car, the guard came and shoot him down by knocking the window. This incidence happens in ISLAMABAD. Nine Bullets was fired at his chest and he instantly died.

Floods of ‘biblical proportions’ displace 200,000 Australians

BUNDABERG (Australia), Jan 1: Floodwaters swept through vast areas of north-eastern Australia on Saturday, threatening to inundate thousands more homes in a disaster said to be of “biblical proportions”.
As Queen Elizabeth II sent her “sincere sympathies” to Queenslanders who rang in a damp new year, helicopters were being used to deliver food and other supplies to isolated towns.
Australia has endured its wettest spring on record, causing six river systems in tropical Queensland to flood, as soaring temperatures in the states of Victoria and South Australia sparked warnings of devastating bushfires.
Up to 200,000 people have been affected by the floods, which have hurt the nation’s lucrative mining industry and cut off major highways as the water rushes through sodden inland regions to the sea.
“In many ways, it is a disaster of biblical proportions,” Queensland State Treasurer Andrew Fraser told reporters in flood-hit Bundaberg.
As the scale of the flooding mounted, the defence forces on Saturday set up a joint task force to coordi nate military relief including three army Black Hawk helicopters already at work, the Australian Associated Press (AAP) reported.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who on Friday toured inundated regions, said the floods had been devastating and would have an economic impact. “We’re still directly battling floodwaters --- we haven’t seen the peak of the flood yet at centres like Rockhampton --- so the people of Queensland in many places are doing it tough today,” she said.
Ms Gillard said the mining sector had been particularly badly hit, with some companies using the force majeure clauses in their contracts.
“They’ve had to say to the people who buy their minerals that at this time, circumstances are such that they can’t keep supply moving,” she told reporters. “Even those mines that could continue to mine obviously have got difficulties with supply routes because so many roads have been affected,” she said, adding that farmers, small businesses and tourism would also suffer.
There were fears on Saturday night that the floods might have claimed their first victim when a man went missing after his boat was swamped while on a fishing trip near the city of Gladstone, AAP reported.
Emergency workers were meanwhile focusing on the town of Rockhampton where the Fitzroy River had broken its banks and was rising dangerously, threatening 2,000-4,000 homes ahead of reaching its expected peak on Wednesday.
Residents continued to leave their homes in darkness on Saturday night as the floods approached, with some leaving on boats from areas where water was already rising, AAP reported.
“They are actually leaving tonight. I hope that not too many people are trying to do this in the dark,” said Rockhampton Mayor Brad Carter.
He said of the encroaching river, “The best way to describe it is as a raging torrent of water. It’s got a tremendous pace.” Carter had earlier warned that the community was likely to be cut off for 10 days, with both roads from the south and its airport blocked. —Agencies

PML-N hints at legal action against MQM

KARACHI, Jan 1: The PML-N is considering legal action against the MQM parliamentarians involved in “bad-mouthing and using unparliamentary language” against the PML-N leadership.
Ahsan Iqbal, the information secretary of the PML-N, was critical of those political parties which, in spite of being part of the coalition government, were criticising it day in and day out.
The PML-N and the Muttahida indulged in a mud-slinging bout on Wednesday, slandering each other’s top leadership.
“If they are really sincere, they should leave the government and do politics based on principles,” Mr Iqbal said at a press conference on Saturday.
He blamed the government and its coalition partners for the worsening law and order situation. Mr Iqbal also slammed the government for the massive increase in petroleum prices, calling for a reversal of the decision.
He called for removal of ‘corrupt’ officials from financial institutions, saying that new appointments should be made through a parliamentary committee. He said the economy was on its knees because of corruption.
The PML-N leader said unless the government stopped wastefulness, economy would not pick up, warning that poverty would spawn anarchy and civil war.He said had President Asif Zardari acted upon the advice of Mian Nawaz Sharif, the country would not have been in dire straits.
He reiterated his party’s stance that it would not be a part of the “puppet show for a mere change of face”. “My party thinks that any change should be meaningful and decisive.”